Weald Road Project

Kitchen, Washroom, Laundry & Walk Through

Incorporating an “X” Lattice Design

An x-lattice design is beautiful and functional addition to a home remodeling project. It typically involves creating a lattice-like pattern on a wall or ceiling using intersecting wooden or metal strips in an X-shape. As we approached this project to modernize the kitchen, bathroom, and utility room, we decided to incorporate and enhance the preexisting x-lattice design to create eye-catching appeal.

Seaview Road Home Primary Bedroom - BC Home Builders Corp
Seaview Kitchen - BC Home Builders Corp
Seaview Road Living Room - BC Home Builders Corp

Laundry, Washroom & Walk Through

We created spacious and functional areas just off the kitchen

Seaview Road Bathroom Sink - BC Home Builders Corp
Seaview Road Home Kitchen sink and faucet - BC Home Builders Corp
Lansdowne Project Bedroom Renovation - BC Home Builders Corp