B.C. Home Builders Corp provides time and cost savings solution

When B.C. Home Builders Corp was contacted to add a second story extension to a family of 3 (and happly  expecting a 4th), we delivered.  The standard practice of removing the roof and adding new exterior walls and window would have exceeded the expecting family’s budget and taken months.  After consultation and many sleepless nights, our skilled craftsmen provided a solution.  The roof beam was removed and the roof pivoted to expand the upstairs crawl space into a vaulted ceiling.  New post footings, posts and beams where weaved throughout the house to support the realigned structure.  Upgraded electrical, new windows, roofing  and drywall where completed on time and budget.  Total cost $65,000.  Total duration – 6 weeks.

We are excited about the results and proud of providing cost savings to a hard working family.  Thank you Victoria B.C. !!!!


B.C. Home Builders Corp

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