B.C. Home Builders Corp continues strong start in 2018

The B.C. Home Builders Corp continues it’s strong start to 2018:

Our current projects include: a face lift on a heritage building located in the heart of Victoria, a renovation of a 1000sq.ft condo at the Gorge (including custom kitchen and bathroom cabinetry), a 500 foot long conduit installation including 66 cu.m of self compacting concrete placement, as well as a new under pit/footing construction under a Heritage building in Vic West.  BCHB would like to take this opportunity to thank our staff, customers, business associates and friends for all of the support.  We are looking forward in continuing to meet our clients technically challenging deliverables.

Best Regards.

B.C. Home Builders Corp

B.C. Home Builders Corp Team (PM and Lead Carpenter) working hard to assure this heritage Vic West Building continues to stand for another 120 years!!!

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