BC Home Builders Helping Helping Hands

Seasons Greetings.
We hope that all of you enjoyed your friends and family over the Holiday Season. As we roll into 2018 we have quickly shifted our focus to the work ahead. BC Home Builders is excited about the new year and the opportunities we have in the pipeline. As we enjoy the prosperity and success of 2017 and look forward to the great opportunities just ahead, we are also reminded that not everyone has the same outlook. BC Home Builders is proud to have contributed to Squamish Helping Hands https://www.squamishhelpinghands.ca/ and we pledge to continue the support of these types of organizations annually. We believe that everyone deserves a chance, a break and a kind word in times of difficulty. Most importantly, no one should go hungry or cold during this time of year. If you have the means or time to help we encourage you to do so.

We look forward in continuing our support and are excited to have you join us on the front line.

BC Home Builders Corp.


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